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  • Hertz MLK 1650.3

    Kit 6.5 in. 2-Way: ML 1650.3 + ML 280.3 + MLCX 2 TW.3 + Grilles

    • component system includes 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 external crossovers
    • 6-1/2″ pressed pulp/cotton fiber woofer
      • Boundary Free rubber surround
      • aluminum alloy basket
    • 1-7/16″ Tetolon dome tweeter
    • compact MLCX 2 TW.3 outboard crossover
      • 2-position “Mid-Contour” switch for mid-bass adjustment
      • 2-position “Hi-Contour” switch for high pass crossover point setting
      • “Hi-Boost” for off-axis tweeter positioning
      • 3-position attenuation switch for tweeter
    • frequency range: 40-28,000 Hz
    • handles up to 150 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)
    • sensitivity: 92 dB
    • woofer top-mount depth: 2-3/4″
    • grilles included
  • Hertz HMD8 DSP

    8 Channel Marine Amplifier with DSP – 85 WRMS X 8 at 4Ω

    The HMD8 DSP, powered by Hertz Marine DSP technology, rich new highs of listening pleasure during navigation. DSP user friendly PC-Software interface make the setup process a breeze, exploiting every single pills of performance from the installed speaker system. The amazing power of 8 * 85 W or 4 * 260 W (RMS@ 4Ω) gives the HMD 8DSP the capability to drive with authority the complete speaker system generating tons of crystal clear SPL up to 3 different zone of the vessel. “Power for the Waves” design philosophy features a sturdy enclosure made of extruded aluminum with an anti-corrosion treated PCB to ensure years of listening pleasure in open water.

  • Hertz MLK 700.3

    Kit 3 in. 2-Way: ML 700.3 + ML 280.3 + MLCX 2 TM.3 + Grilles

    The MLK 700.3 Legend car audio speakers system aims at offering a mid-high frequency range of excellence, to combine with a Legend woofer with a choice between ML 1650.3 and ML 1800.3 actively filtered in a multi-amplified configuration. MLK 700.3 Legend is composed of the ML 700.3 Legend Extended Midrange, the ML 280.3 Legend tweeter and the MLCX 2 TM.3 dedicated crossover that features the unique Mid-Countour control with its three-position selector, acting on the mid frequencies of the ML 700.3 Legend midrange by varying the cross-point with the tweeter to obtain the desired sound.  The V-cone® exponential profile without the traditional dustcap gets close to the perfect one, generating exceptional dispersion: thanks to the synergistic action of these technological elements, ML700.3 Legend boasts outstanding high frequency extension making it possible to build purist two-way systems in combination with ML 1650.3 Legend or ML 1800.3 Legend.  Thanks to this configuration, where there is only one cross-point, phase rotations are limited to the minimum, ensuring excellent soundstage and disarming timbre consistency. With the mid-high frequencies being handled by the ML700.3 Legend and the low ones by the ML1800.3 Legend, the whole audio range is reproduced with transducers built with the same materials and based on the same electro-acoustic structure; that doesn’t happen with woofer and tweeter, since due to its own nature the tweeter is different in materials and structure. The uniformity in materials and structures creates very high timbre consistency, so the speakers can “disappear” and leave room to emotions.

  • Hertz HP 3001

    D-Class Mono Amplifier 3600 WRMS x 1 at 1Ω

    • Power Supply Voltage: 11 ÷ 15 VDC
    • Idling current (power ON/OFF): 0.04 mA
    • Remote In: 7 ÷ 15 VDC – 1 mA
    • Inputs: PRE IN/SPEAKER IN
    • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Hertz ML 1800.3

    Set 7 in. (180mm) Woofer neodymium magnets + Grilles

    ML 1800.3 Legend car audio woofers has been thought and designed for the enthusiasts attending contests who need a component merging the timbre accuracy of ML 1650.3 Legend to a wider extension to the low frequencies thanks to the large emission surface, higher power handling and control which only a 50 mm voice coil can ensure. To get to these results, the R&D staff performed extensive in-car voicing sessions, after building several prototypes with the FEA simulation method and testing them with a wide array of measurements carried out with the Klippel® suite. Like in the suspensions of competition cars, the surround must stand the most extreme working conditions to ensure maximum stability and symmetry at high excursions, and so to achieve impact and extension to the low frequency range. For this reason, the electro-acoustic designers developed a new surround-basket gluing system called “Boundary Free Surround”. This technology, provides the ability to achieve wider emission surface of the cone compared to speakers with same diameter; that way, the cone manages to move a bigger mass of air, so it produces more acoustic pressure.

  • Hertz ML 2500.3

    10 inch (250mm) Subwoofer 4Ω SVC with neodymium magnet

    Music fans who attend live concerts know well the emotions that low undistorted frequencies without dynamic compression can arouse. For this reason, the HertzAudioVideo R&D created ML 2500.3 Legend car audio subwoofer. During the long development phase, the designers set themselves just one ambitious goal: to transfer the emotions of a live performance to the car environment. Thanks to a completely renewed design, ML2500.3 car audio subwoofers have extremely compact size and are optimized to play in enclosures with reduced boxes. This choice of design combines two requirements hard to achieve up to now: reference performance and ease of installation.

  • Hertz MLK 165.3

    Kit 6.5 in. 2-Way: ML 165.3 + ML 28.3 + MLCX 165.3 + Grilles

    • component system includes 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 external crossovers
    • 6-1/2″ pressed pulp/cotton fiber woofer
    • Boundary Free rubber surround
    • aluminum basket
    • 1-3/16″ Tetolon dome tweeter
    • compact MLCX 165.3 outboard crossover (3500 Hz at 12 dB per octave)
      • 2-position “Hi-Contour” switch for high-pass crossover point setting
      • 3-position attenuation switch for tweeter
    • frequency range: 40-25,000 Hz
    • handles up to 150 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)
    • sensitivity: 92 dB
    • woofer top-mount depth: 2-13/16″
    • grilles included
  • Hertz HMD1

    Marine Mono Amplifier – 800 WRMS x 1 at 2Ω

    HMD1 mono amplifier is the perfect solution to add one or more marine subwoofer to your vassel, being the ideal power extension of HMD8 DSP. At 1 Ohms it is stable and can supply up to 1000 W of power with extremely compact dimension.

  • Hertz MPK 163.3

    Kit 6.5 in. 3-Way: MP 25.3 + MP 70.3 + MP 165.3 + MPCX 3.3 + Grilles

    The three way MPK 163.3 car audio speakers system is dedicated to those who want the best: the MP 70.3 midrange featuring Neodymium double magnet inside the coil produces an enthralling mid range, perfect to combine with the powerful mid-low of the MP 165.3 woofer as well as with the detailed high range of the MP25.3 tweeter. The 20 mm coil of the MP 70.3 maximizes the dynamics; the V-cone® profile enhances off-axis dispersion and the Boundary Free Surround allows for a wider extension towards the low frequency range. The dedicated MPCX 3.3 crossover provides optimized crossover points to exploit the midrange remarkable extension using ultra-selected components.

  • Hertz MG 15 BASS

    Mobile Group 15 in. (380mm) PP Cone + 1Ω DVC

  • Hertz ML Power 5

    D-Class 5 Channel Amplifier 100 WRMS x 4 + 550 WRMS X 1 at 2Ω

    Mille power amplifiers are born to fully enhance the outstanding performance of the Mille speakers. The new ADC (ADVANCED D-CLASS TECHNOLOGY) ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency. The heat sink, engineered with double technology, extrusion and aluminium die-castingenables the Mille Power amplifiers to work constantly at full power without ever overheating, further maximizing thermal efficiency.  The ultra-versatile Hertzaudio car amplifier ML Power 5 (100 W x 4 + 550 W 2 Ω) provides the ability to drive a Mille system including the subwoofer. The HRC BM (Hertz Remote Control Bass Management), low frequencies level remote control, is optional.

  • Hertz ML 2000.3

    8 inch (200mm) Subwoofer 4Ω SVC with neodymium magnet

    • 8″ 4-ohm subwoofer
    • mineral-injected paper cone with rubber surround
    • aluminum alloy basket
    • 4″ voice coil
    • power handling: 700 watts RMS (1400 watts peak)
    • frequency response: 30-600 Hz
    • sensitivity: 86 dB
    • top-mount depth: 4-5/8″
    • sealed box volume: 0.35 – 0.6 cu. ft.
    • grille not included

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